Our Services

Our Services

Tailored Solutions

Our goal is to always ensure personalised financial solutions, which result from an understanding of our clients’ financial situation and goals. Our primary objectives are twofold; ensuring our investors augment their source of income by providing a fixed rate of return while reliably securing capital over a medium to long term.


Acting as an independent full service introducer to companies in the financial services sector, we include a range of investment options for our clients wholly free from the constraints so often imposed by outside pressures. The vast majority of the investments we offer are carefully selected individual investments.

Focus on constant, predictable cash flow

All investors have a set of unique financial goals and we work to build an approach that works to meet their long-term needs. We work to offer investments that offer a source of income, as accurately estimated and forecasted as possible.


Our services are designed with the protection of our clients’ assets in mind. All investment opportunities on offer go through our vetting process before being presented. We carry out these due diligence procedures to give investors peace of mind in knowing that Moneyseed has checked, as far as possible, the information provided.

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