About Us

About Us

Why MoneySeed


Our chief priority is meeting the needs of individuals who choose to invest with us. We pride ourselves on the high level of engagement with each client. To this end, we do not endorse the products of any particular third-party institutions and only promote products that provide our clients with the most consistent returns. Our approach is based exclusively on our clients’ unique situations and investment objectives.

Customised Investment Solutions

Each client engagement begins with an in-depth discussion of the individual’s unique situation and objectives. Fusing this insight with a thorough assessment of current market conditions, our financial specialists select the most competitive investment opportunities.

Investor needs are paramount.

To ensure the highest levels of satisfaction, Moneyseed offers:

Our Mission

To provide clients with suitable risk appropriate fixed income investment choices.

Competitive Rates

As an independent introducer, we are able to source competitive fixed income vehicles from a variety of different providers across a number of different sectors.


All investment vehicles presented to our clients will have undergone a strict due-diligence process and will have been approved under Section 21 of the Financial Services and Marketing Act (FSMA) by firms authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Moneyseed is tremendously proud of the trust clients place in us, and it is an honour we work diligently to uphold every day. We are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with each client and providing a comfortable, successful investment experience. Our personal consultants engage new clients in an initial assessment to discuss their financial and personal situations, goals and investment strategy in detail. Prior to sending any third party information. Not only does this inform investment choices, assess our investors suitability, it enables a strong client relationship based on openness and integrity.

Understanding Your Needs

By fully understanding each client’s unique investment objectives and issues (such as investment length or income requirements) we provide the most suitable investment opportunities. Moneyseed offers exclusive investment vehicles that meet the specific conditions and goals of each investor.


When clients have questions, we pride ourselves on delivering clear – and timely – answers. Our consultants are always available to discuss specific concerns as they arise.

Sustainable Returns

Most of our investors prefer to increase their wealth through conservative, low-volatility investments. Moneyseed follows a value-oriented investment approach with a strong focus on constant and predictable cash flow.

Free Consultation & Callback

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